Microsoft Clarifies Final Fantasy XIII Asia Version "Announcement"

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Yesterday we brought word that Taiwanese game site GNN Gamer was reporting that Xbox Taiwan head Grace Chou had confirmed the Asia release (Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong) of Final Fantasy XIII. Today, Microsoft Taiwan issued a statement clarifying this, stating: "The announcement of the release of Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox 360 at this year's E3 is at the moment still at the planning stage. We don't have any further information regarding the releasing date or the possibility of localization." Sounds like it was a little too early for Chou to apparently go around and mention the Asia release. Stay tuned for the possible "official" Asia version announcement and consider the Xbox 360 version only North America and Europe for now! 台灣微軟澄清《Final Fantasy XIII》在台上市說法 表示一切仍屬未定 [GNN Gamer Thanks, Dutch!] [Pic]

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Usually when an announcement like that leaks out, it's already been confirmed, just not properly prepared in the PR medium — but pretty much confirmed.