Microsoft Changing Xbox 360 Box Art

As we get closer to the release of Project Natal, we get closer to the day the Xbox 360 makes its biggest push yet for an image makeover. Leading the way will box art.

Since the 360's launch, every single game released on the system has featured the above white stripe running across the top of its box art.


Some upcoming titles, though, feature a new stripe. The one below.

Note the 360's logo remains the same (though it has been made a lighter shade of grey), as does a focus on white and green, but gone are the lines from the "circles" logo the console has used since 2005. In its place is the "wave" that also features on the company's E3 invites for 2010.

You can see some examples of this in practice here, for Kane & Lynch 2, and here, for Mafia II.


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