Mickey Mouse Feels Terrible About Being Mickey Mouse

Just when you think you know where this webcomic about Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy getting drunk on a boys' night is going, it gets deep. And it stirs up feelings about the Walt Disney icon you've probably never had.

Ashley Perryman Quach's "Boys' Night" strip—working off a script by Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis—has been out for a month or so but just floated into my Facebook feed this morning. And I just had to share it because it's incredible. First, it seems that Quach wants to cast Mike, Don and Liam (because who'd ever want everyone to call him Goofy) as faded celebrity jerkholes trying to coast off past glories. Like, say, Corey Haim. But, as you keep reading, the mouse, duck and dog feel more human than they ever have.


Update: I've added script credit for Max Landis after Quach reached out to me to let me know that 'Boys' Night' is a collaboration between Landis and herself.


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