Metro: Last Light is out on May 14 and May 17 in North America and elsewhere, respectively. Keep your flashlights handy!


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Great news to start the day! Loved the first game a ton. There's a simple moment in that game that is in my top 5 favorite moments in any game I've played.

*minor spoilers, and I do mean minor*

During the course of the game Artyom stumbles across a very young boy and has to escort him to the nearest camp, now at the end of his mini escort mission when the kid rushes towards his parents the boy's mother tearfully offers Artyom an entire magazine of pristine bullets. This is where the choice system kicks in, I always want/have to play "good" characters due to social anxiety issues, anyways, the animation for refusing the bullets is where the moment kicks in for me.

Artyom reaches out for the magazine and gently closes her palm. I know, it's not a new thing, plenty of movies have used the same method to express benevolence, but the way they captured it and the music that plays during this brief scene have always deeply resonated with me. Maybe I'm just silly and sentimental.

Just thought I'd kill time and share. Can't wait to play.