Metro 2033: Last Light, uDraw HD and Other Highlights From the People at THQ

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Publisher THQ had some good news and bad news to deliver today, starting with the not-so-great results from its last financial year. The publisher lost a cool $136 million USD. But it had some good news for fans of Metro 2033, Homefront and the very successful uDraw gaming tablet that hit the Wii last year.

Let's catch up on what the highlights from THQ's investor call...

HOMEFRONT | Kaos Studios' first-person shooter has shipped 2.6 million units, which THQ boss Brian Farrell called "a solid start for this new franchise." Homefront, he says, is "profitable."


METRO 2033: LAST LIGHT | That's the official name of the sequel to Metro 2033. It's due sometime in 2012.

PS3 + XBOX 360 | THQ says it will bring its uDraw GameTablet to Sony and Microsoft's current consoles "this holiday." They'll be "exclusively designed" for those HD platforms.

THQ + PROJECT CAFE | On Nintendo's recently announced successor to the Wii, THQ says it's "excited about the prospect of new hardware next year and look[s] forward to working on that system."

"SMALL IMPACT" | On Sony's PlayStation Network outage, THQ deferred to Sony "about the status of the network to them." CEO Brian Farrell says "Currently, we're seeing a very small impact, we think it's a short term thing on our revenues." Farrell said "We have not seen any direct impact on our business" from the natural disasters in Japan.


2012 | That's when Darksiders 2, Devil's Third, and massively multiplayer game Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium Online are due.

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Metro 2033 was made for its Ranger Hardcore update. Anticipating more of that awesome immersion. Honestly, they could keep the engine the same, too. Awesome on PC.

I wonder if Darksiders 2 will incorporate co-op, since the other Horse-men/women arrived. Too early to guess, but I can hope.