Metallica Drummer On Sound Quality Stink, Blames Internet

Folks are saying that the sound quality of the new Metallica album Death Magnetic is rotten. The Guitar Hero version, however? Much better. (In case you missed the comparison, feel free to judge for yourself here.) Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has no clue what people are bitching and moaning about. Dude's been listening to the CD in his car, and it sounds "fuckin' smokin'". Continuing, Lars continues:

Somebody told me about [people complaining that the Guitar Hero version of Death Magnetic sounds better]. Listen, what are you going to do? A lot of people say [the CD] sounds great, and a few people say it doesn't, and that's OK. You gotta remember, when we put out ...And Justice for All, people were going, 'What happened to these guys, this record? There's no bass on it. It sounds like it was recorded in a fuckin' garage on an eight-track.' And now ...And Justice for All is sort of the seminal Metallica record that supposedly influenced a whole generation of death-metal bands. The difference between back then and now is the Internet. The Internet gives everybody a voice, and the Internet has a tendency to give the complainers a louder voice. Listen, I can't keep up with this shit. Part of being in Metallica is that there's always somebody who's got a problem with something that you're doing: 'James Hetfield had something for breakfast that I don't like.' That's part of the ride.


Let me state it right here and let me state it once: We hate it when James Hetfield eats bran for breakfast. Metallica Drummer Breaks Band's Silence [Blender via Idolator] [Pic]


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