Metal Sonic Vinyl Spin Dashes To Comic-Con

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This year's San Diego Comic-Con will feature the highly coveted (to Sonic the Hedgehog fans, I presume) Metal Sonic JUVI as a convention and Toys 'R' Us exclusive. If you have cash to spare, you know where to be.


As always, we'll be hitting up the San Diego Convention Center for this year's Comic-Con, snapping up video game and toy exclusives, then funding our various criminal enterprises with the profits reaped from scalping these trinkets on eBay. Unfortunately, it looks like this will be available for the masses on on July 23rd, so our hording and profiting plan may not work.

The Jazwares urban vinyl (that's the JUVI part) Metal Sonic will set serious Sonic fans back $17.


SDCC Exclusive Metal Sonic JUVI [Plastic & Plush via Destructoid]

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well I'll pick this up just to sell it.