How does one modernize an 8- or 16-bit classic? If your Capcom or Konami, you may decide that low-fi is the way to go, with Mega Man 9 and Gradius Rebirth going for that old-school look. On the other hand, you can go the Bionic Commando route, putting a high-definition spit-shine on your strictly retro gameplay. That's what SNK may finally be doing with the Metal Slug series, telling IGN that the company is "considering" giving the 2D shooter some visual polish "in a similar way to KOF XII." King of Fighters XII, you may recall, brings the classic SNK fighting series into the realm of high-def, with 100% hand-drawn sprites. It looks quite good. We just hope that SNK keeps what we like about Metal Slug intact. We don't want another Metal Slug 3D on our hands. HD Metal Slug in the Works? [IGN]