Holy shit. Some of the stuff hidden inside Metal Gear Solid V is ridiculous.


Right now, Metal Gear Solid V fans are racking their brains trying to figure out how to trigger a certain datamined scene within Metal Gear Solid V. Nobody has actually gotten it yet—the scene was allegedly obtained by messing with the game’s files—and it doesn’t even seem like it might be possible to get at all.

To understand why, you need to know about some of the mechanics within Metal Gear Solid V. Basically, once you’ve reached a certain point in the game and have amassed the right resources, you can build nukes. Nukes take 27 hours to build, and they look like this:


[Source: wiiare.in]

Nukes can come into play within the game’s multiplayer mode. Players who have nukes can use them against other players, or they may choose to steal nukes from one another. These nukes can then be disposed of. The benefit of a nuke is that only players with nukes or high enough heroism can strike back against you. Because of this mechanic, there are probably a lot of nukes floating around in Metal Gear Solid V. People are probably building new nukes as you read this right now.

OK. Now enter this scene, posted online by Александр Гольтяев:

As of this writing, nobody knows how for sure to get this scene. There are theoriescommenters around the web think that, in order to get it, you may have to “disable EVERYONES nuke” online.


The scene itself seems to support that—the entire premise of the cutscene after all, is what happens after Mother Base manages to get rid of every nuke. The entire thing comes off as a sort of inspirational speech on the importance of disarmament.


We can’t say for sure if the whole “TOTAL DISARMAMENT” is the actual trigger for the secret scene. But if it is? That’s phenomenal. It’s a mechanic that drives home a lot of the key concepts behind Metal Gear Solid, as well as highlights the utopian vision holding together Mother Base. And should players ever manage to get this scene legitimately, it it might even prove more fulfilling than the actual lacklaster ending that Metal Gear Solid provides. I can already imagine the sort of dynamics this will inspire—I’m sure some players will actively try to populate the game with more nukes just to stop anyone else from getting the scene. Or, perhaps Metal Gear Solid players will wow us by coming together in the name of peace. Whatever happens, the idea is fuckin’ brilliant.


Players have tried poking the community manager for Metal Gear to get some answers regarding the nature of the scene, but so far, Konami is being coy about it:

In fact, they’re actually taking down videos hosting this scene online:


Which kind of makes sense, because this is the sort of incredible thing that many players won’t want to be spoiled on. The rest of us, however, can go on to be awed that this exists at all.

What else is hiding within Metal Gear Solid V, I wonder?

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