Metal Gear Solid Touch: Brace For Duck Hunt Disappointment

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You're excited by the prospect of Metal Gear Solid on the iPhone, are you?. You may be less excited about the reality of Metal Gear Solid on the iPhone.


Take a close look at those screens. One shows Snake standing behind a wall of sandbags, shooting at bad guys. The other shows a zoomed-in view of Snake shooting at bad guys. They don't show him sneaking, they don't show him blending into a wall, they don't show him punching some unlucky sap in the cock.


You know why? Because it sounds like shooting is all you'll be doing. The same Famitsu article that broke the news yesterday also has a few details on the game that the press release neglected to mention.

They boil down to this: you don't control Snake's movement. All you do is swipe your fingers around to aim, then tap the screen to shoot.

It's Duck Hunt. Or, if you will, Snake's Crossbow Training.

Not that this is a bad thing! Kojima says in the article that the team originally considered a stealthy game, but decided (WISELY) that the iPhone isn't up to the task controls-wise, and went with something simpler.


Should make for a less frustrating experience, but still, that won't ease the crushing disappointment iPhone owners hoping for a "proper" MGS game will be feeling.

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Bearded Bastard

i was sure it wwas to be this way from the original screens, but whatever, the littlest things can amuse for long times, so if done right and its actually fun and holds onto you, it should work out well, id rather a well done low end game, than a terrible high end game