Kojima Productions has apparently turned Metal Gear Solid: Rising's Raiden from brown-eyed to blue, one of many little tweaks to the Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty co-star since his E3 2009 debut.

The new Raiden is less undead looking, has a little more bounce in his wavy white hair, is slightly more matte and has been given a bit of a simplifying once-over by the developers it seems. Plus there's something in the way, something that looks almost like a sword, but also like a mistake. Go on, click on that image to see the finer details!

The folks at The Snake Soup spotted the updated Raiden render while playing a bit of Metal Gear Solid: Piece Walker, the recently launched multiplayer jigsaw puzzle game from Kojima Productions. Maybe there are more surprises buried within that online game.


And maybe we'll see a bit more of Raiden and Metal Gear Solid: Rising at this year's E3.

Raiden 2.0 [Twitpic via Metal Gear Scholar - thanks, Matthew!]