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Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Product Placement Explained!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

From Axe body spray to Doritos chips, upcoming stealth game Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is wall-to-wall product placement. Game designer Hideo Kojima explains why.


"Concerning the current tie-ins, various things are being said in the news in the business sense, but I have singular reason," Kojima wrote via Twitter. "It's because I want to surprise players. If there's no surprise or freshness, then I'll stop the tie-ins. It's different from Hollywood-style merchandising."

So this is totally different from when actors or actresses hold products in movies. That is not surprising. The product placement in Peace Walker is incredibly surprising! Don't believe us?


Oh look Mountain Dew. Wow.

What's this? Pepsi Nex? In the jungle? They don't have it in the 1970s. That's so surprising!


Doritos? Mountain Dew, Pepsi Nex and Doritos? Talk about fresh.

Hideo Kojima has always surprised players through gameplay, not product placement. Focus on that, no need to defend corporate marketing choices.


Twitter / 小島秀夫: 今回のコラボについても、ニュースではビジネスとしては ... [Twitter Thanks Peter!]