Metal Gear Solid Goes Merry For The Third Time

Long-time readers may remember Merry Gear Solid, a great little Christmas-themed Metal Gear title. Well, the game's creator, Arthur Lee, is back with a third game in the series, and this time it's gone 3D.


Looks fun! The last two ended up being released in playable form, so hopefully this one is too.

And when it is? We might get really lucky, and Lee's Cave Story homage - the "Underside" project - gets released as well.

BE VERY AFRAID! [Arthur Lee]


Uh, did anybody click the link in the article to "The Underside"?

The page it links to has an explanation of how that game is an homage to Metroidvania games (including Cave Story), but in the screenshots you can see he's stolen the HUD and cave tiles right out of Cave Story.

Anyway, back on topic - I remember reading about Merry Gear Solid a few times and I think I even downloaded the first, but I've never gotten around to playing it. Maybe this is an excuse to do so.