Metal Gear Solid 4's Neato Fake Ads

Here are a series of phony ads Konami showed before the Metal Gear Solid 4 press conference I went to earlier this month in Roppongi. They're pretty humorous viral type spots that knowingly refer to the game's PMCs. Probably cost Konami a fuckton of cash to produce. We doubt, though, they are going to be used to actually promote the game as they're a little too inside baseball for Joe Q. Public. Still, kinda neat that Kojima Productions had them made!



Five New MGS4 Ads [Dtoid]

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@Suzaku: "The ads are not "viral marketing","

Please read the article at the top of your screen. Specifically, the part where the words "viral-type spots" are used.

"and Sony has nothing to do with them at all. "

Which was my point.

@zlimness: I thought Mantis was British. Listen to accent of the narrator. I also thought it was not for anyone afraid of bugs.

@-MoarPlz-: Sokolov distinctly tells Snake he has an excellent Russian accent. As far as the game has been concerned up to that point, he's been speaking English. The title screens when moving from one zone to another are bilingual.

Ergo, Snake was speaking Russian, which was translated to English for the viewer's benefit.