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Metal Gear Retrospective, Part 6

If you've already got Metal Gear Solid 4, you're probably not even reading this! You're probably playing your way through it. And as a died-in-the-wool Metal Gear fanboy/girl, that's OK, because you'll know all this stuff anyways. But if you're not, and are a little curious as to why everyone seems to be freaking out over Metal Gear, watch this. It's as brief a summary of the series' convoluted (and I'm being kind) backstory as you're going to get.


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@Wizzard: Because you love to play video games like Gears of War and Halo and actually wanted a console that everyone else has? That would be my guess. Or maybe it was because MGS4 only came out this week, which should have given you at least a year since the PS3 came out to save all your pennies to buy one when MGS4 came out?

And no FF game on the PS3, yet.