Metal Band Unleashes Album of Remixed Music from Zelda, Contra and More

An entirely original metal album remixing classic video game songs has been created by band Vomitron, entitled "No NES For The Wicked".

Vomitron, which is actually made up of just one member, Peter Rutcho, kept the original compositions of the songs intact, but reinterpreted them using heavy metal instruments and drums.

The 14 tracks include "Contra", "The Legend of Zelda", "Double Dragon", "Castlevania" and songs from others classic games.


"No NES came from loving metal, loving the songs and melodies from the games, and realizing that the music from the games (very much 80's based) had a strong heavy metal undercurrent to it. Anyone can see that," says Rutcho.

Poking around Vomitron's site, you can see that the band doesn't take itself entirely seriously, but the music and album are clearly a labor of love. And while I don't particularly like metal music, I can appreciate the quality of this, because it's well done!

You can buy the CD for $12 through the site if you're so inclined, and be sure to give the sample selection a listen in the video above.

Vomitron Releases Video Game Music Album [Digital Journal]

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Dr Toboggan

Uhm.... is a Video Game Metal Band supposed to be news? No one's heard of Powerglove, or Armcannon/Metroid Metal or the other 15,000 video game bands and mixes you can find on Youtube?