Men And Women Sound Sexual, Sometimes Terrifying When In Pain

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If you detach the sound of pain from its source, I'm willing to bet the result sounds kind of uncomfortable.

Here is a whole Tumblr dedicated to what women in games sound like when in pain. These can sometimes err toward sounding sexualized.

Personally, that's not surprising—my family listens to a whole lot of Spanish dubbed television, and I can't stand it. The women always make it sound like they're acting out a porn movie. They don't even have to be in pain to sound like that.

Granted, we've seen similarly uncomfortable things with guys too. Kirk Hamilton brought to our attention just how surreal Black Ops II sounds without music and gunfire.

And even earlier today, when I wrote about the League of Legends character who some people think should officially be gay, we could hear some weirdly cringe-worthy clips of Taric.


I'm sure there are countless more examples of clips like the ones featured on that Tumblr or in this post. EDIT: As some readers astutely note, the Tomb Raider reboot is particularly famed for making Lara sound awful.

Maybe it's appropriate that the sound of pain makes us uneasy. Either way, out of context, the sound of pain is unpleasant—if these clips can be considered an accurate representation of what pain sounds like, anyway.

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Tomb Raider will be very awkward to play with a roommate in the apartment.