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Mega Man 10 Revisits Retro, Or The Rise Of Sheep Man

Illustration for article titled Mega Man 10 Revisits Retro, Or The Rise Of Sheep Man

The latest issue of Nintendo Power outs a second retro installment of Mega Man. Can Sheep Man pull the wool over the blue bomber's eyes, or will he be thoroughly fleeced?


More 8-bit Mega Man goodness? More hideously inappropriate artwork? Proto Man selectable from the get go? SHEEP MAN!? I'm sold, and I've only skimmed the too-brief article preview that NP has posted regarding the follow-up to Mega Man 9, coming soon to a Nintendo WiiWare service near you. I'd steal Nintendo Power's thunder, but I've already borrowed their magazine art, so you'll have to hit up the link below to find more details.

Could this be what's inside Capcom's mysterious energy block?

Mega Man 10 [Nintendo Power - Scroll down for article - Thanks Justin!]

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I would like to see them bring back the 16-bit megaman graphics