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Galaga may be nearly two decades old, but its previous world record score could only last two years, with Andrew Laidlaw's 2007 mark broken over the weekend by Phil Day.


Day, from the small Australian town of Braidwood (not too far from my abode in Canberra), had been practising for six months on an original Galaga cabinet in anticipation of his run at the record, which he broke thirty minutes after midnight early on Saturday morning. Laidlaw's best score was 2.7 million; Day cruised past it on his way to 3.4 million.

The score is yet to be officially verified by Twin Galaxies, but Day's feat has been recorded and is on its way to Walter Day & co for perusal. So things should be OK. Last I heard, there was no beef between Billy Mitchell and the people of Braidwood, NSW, Australia.


Aussie smashes arcade video game world record [The Age]

[Image: Lannon Harley]

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