When Bethesda showed of its gun-less take of Team Fortress 2 earlier this year, special event attendees got to check out three of Battlecry's five announced classes — Enforcer, Duellist and Tech Archer. Now you get to see them as well.


The Team Fortress 2 vibe I got from Battlecry's initial reveal isn't quite as strong in this class introduction trailer, shown this weekend for the first time during Bethesda's PAX Australia panel. It's still there, certainly, but the more I see the game in motion the more the feeling changes.

After watching this I am 90 percent certain I want to play a Tech Archer, as it looks like the most entertaining out of the three classes in the vid, and the two remaining classes — Gadgeteer and Brawler — bring to mind steampunk and fisticuffs, neither of which sound particularly enticing.

Which class would you play?

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