This is Egashira 2:50. He's a Japanese comedian, who recently got his own posable figure. And damn, it's creepy.

That's okay, I guess, because Egashira 2:50 (who Kotaku has previously featured here and here) is pretty creepy, too! He's also considered the "most annoying" comedian in Japan. (That, however, didn't stop Sony from having him promote the last Patapon game in Japan!) His gag—well, one of them—is that he sticks his hand in his tights and goes "boom".

In the first few of days of going on sale, figure collectors have already swapped out the Egashira bits for plastic hijinks. Have a look:

Earlier this month, Egashira got in trouble after dropping his pants during another promotional event and diving into a crowd. Naked.


"Creepy Woody", of course, refers to the posable Toy Story figure that was packaged with an unsettling face.

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