Meet the Raspy Combatants of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Hey, it almost seems like Capcom's using their upcoming shooter as a bullet-riddled metaphor for troublesome philosophical tension that pits private corporations vs. the Federal Government, right? Or it's just Left 4 Dead x 2, with its own sorts of mutated humans and beasts. Either way, this trailer spotlights the individual members of the Umbrella and U.S.S. teams, showing off their roles on the battlefield. And those code names? Beltway? Party Girl? Hilarious.


Gunblazer 42

I do like that the Spec Ops are given some personality, even if they are just for multiplayer (I can't imagine fighting them in the story, especially given that Umbrella wouldn't spare the good guys for it and I dislike killing people trying to help other people survive. or at least, I'm hoping their multiplayer only.) >_>