Meet The New Lara Croft

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With Tomb Raider: Underworld on the horizon, it's time to roll-over that lease into a newer model for series heroine Lara Croft. Meet 23-year-old Alison Carroll, a professional display gymnast from the Croydon area of London, England, who has performed in front of Prince Charles himself. Miss Carroll beat out hundreds of applicants for the role of Lara Croft, the new position allowing her to quit her day job as a receptionist. She's now undergoing a rigorous daily training schedule to make sure she is ready to pose next to red-faced fans, far too nervous to notice what seems to be a scar on her left knee or the well-placed mole, not that I was paying attention.


If you have any doubts as to Miss Carroll's athletic prowess, hit the jump for an action shot that proves once and for all that she could completely kick your head off while standing right next to you. Borderline NSFW.

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Pictured: The new Lara Croft is unveiled as a former gymnast ... from Croydon! [Mail Online]


Mole on her left breast, what?

But anyway, do these Laura Croft models even do anything, or are they just the designated girl to follow the company around on tour? Seems kind of like a step down as far as a career goes, though I'd guess it pays moderately well.

...I wonder if it's star-shaped...