Say goodbye to the old Guitar Hero CEO Dan Rosensweig. He's leaving the position at Activision after less than a year, a year in which the Guitar Hero (and DJ Hero and Band Hero) franchise didn't do so well.

And please welcome the new Guitar Hero boss, David Haddad, formerly the COO of the Guitar Hero brand who will assume the operational duties of giving us more Hero branded games in 2010. Activision announced Rosensweig's "departure" today, but did not promote Haddad to the chief executive officer position, having him report to Mike Griffith, President and CEO of Activision.


Why the change? Probably the aforementioned not-doing-so-well.

As the LA Times illustrates in informative numbers, Guitar Hero 5 sold less than a million in the United States last year compared to its predecessor Guitar Hero: World Tour's 3.4 million. There are similarly unimpressive numbers for DJ Hero, Band Hero and the brand's most recent effort Guitar Hero: Van Halen, which the NPD Group estimates sold just 64,000 copies.

We've already set expectations to anticipate fewer Guitar Hero titles in 2010, per ex-CEO Rosensweig, but we now expect even fewer than before.


Activision's Guitar Hero chief exits after less than a year [LA Times]

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