Meet The New Game From The Castle Crashers Guys

The Behemoth, developers behind Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers, have a new game. It doesn't yet have a name, so it's going by a working name: "Game 3". Practical name!

It's described as a "competitive platformer", and looks a bit like a cross between Smash Bros., Bubble Bobble and Bomberman. And while "competitive platformer" makes it sound like a multiplayer game, The Behemoth promise there'll be a singleplayer dimension to the title as well.


As you can see, Dan Paladin's trademark art style is in full effect. No word on platforms yet (though it looks shiny enough to be XBLA/PSN), though we do know we can expect it sometime in 2010.

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The Behemoth Presents: Game 3 First Look [GameSpot]

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