Remember the amazingly cool trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic, where the Sith crashed a transport into a Jedi temple? Now you can meet the man in charge, Darth Malgus, an anti-hero so interesting he scores his own novel.

Darth Malgus made a huge impression at E3 last year, starring in one of the most impressive trailers we've seen for anything, ever. He'll be playing a big role in upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, and developer BioWare is giving him the royal treatment.


Not only does Darth Malgus score a brand new bio over at The Old Republic's holonet, he's starring in his own novel, Deceived, due out in December from Del Rey and written by noted Dungeons & Dragons novelist Paul S. Kemp.

Did you know Darth Malgus took an alien female as a wife instead of a slave? The guy is nuts! Find out more at the Star Wars: The Old Republic website.


Revealing Darth Malgus, Dark Lord of the Sith [Star Wars: The Old Republic]

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