Meet The Guys Who Make Gaming's Fancy Editions

There are regular editions of games, sure, but there are also two kinds of fancy editions: the kind people pay extra money for, and the kind publishers send to the press.

(For an example of what I'm talking about with regards to "press editions", see the video below).


James Glover works for Fluid Design, a company that among other things provides special editions of games for both members of the press and cashed-up consumers (and whose excellent work we've showcased previously). In an interview with Edge, he provides insight into this niche (but still interesting to many) subject, disclosing the kind of money and work that goes into producing a collector's edition.

If you're a design nerd, or interested in things like the art of packaging, it's a great read (link below). For an even better read, head over to Fluid's Flickr page, which not only catalogues some of the various fancy editions they've made, but also has some making-of shots as well.

Attention Seeking [Edge]

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