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Meet the First Ever Region-Locked PS3 Game [Update]

Illustration for article titled Meet the First Ever Region-Locked PS3 Game [Update]

The upcoming PS3 and Xbox 360 release of fighting game Persona 4 Arena is, in North America at least, taking the rare and terrible move of being completely region-locked.


While the PS3 is usually entirely region-free, as are many Xbox 360 games these days (since on Microsoft's platform it's a decision left open to the publisher), Atlus has decided that the American release of the game will be locked on both consoles.

For any publisher to region-block a PS3 game is a strange decision; for a boutique publisher like Atlus, whose consumers are some of the savviest online, it seems crazy.


So crazy that, believe it or not, this is the first game since the release of the PS3 in 2006 to ever feature complete region-locking.

We've contacted Atlus, and will update if we hear back.

UPDATE - Atlus has told EGM "Persona 4 Arena will be region-locked in all territories on both PS3 and 360". So, not just the American version, then. Every version. Bummer.

Summon the fighter within: Persona 4 Arena (360, PS3) coming to N.America this summer [Atlus]

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