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What with all the talk of nudity, I'd kind of lost track of the fact that The Saboteur has a plot-heavy story with more than one angst-filled character.


Luckily, PlayStation Blog has got me covered with a quick rundown on all the main cast members of The Saboteur (mostly spoiler-free, too — although I'd argue that it's impossible not to know about Jules before buying the game).

The character that caught my eye was Veronique, Jules' sister. Alright, I admit it — her boobs caught my eye. Just look how tight that sweater is; did they not have her size in occupied France? Anyway, after noticing her for what felt like the first time, I spent a little while trying to figure out how to pronounce her name and then realized that she's actually not the primary sex interest in the game. Color me surprised.


Check out the rest of the character rundown here.

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