Meet Soulcalibur V's New Ninja Girl

Illustration for article titled Meet emSoulcalibur V/ems New Ninja Girl

The man in charge of Soulcalibur V, the entry in Namco's weapons-based fighting game series, has promised us at least two new characters for next week's San Diego Comic-Con. One has been semi-revealed and she looks vaguely familiar.

Project Soul's Daishi Odashima took to Twitter today to offer a clear look at the next Soulcalibur V reveal, a ninja girl who looks like she might have some Taki in her. At the very least, she sports a pair of short, sheathed blades along with some red ninja garb.


Odashima hinted that Taki—who would be about 46-years-old in Soulcalibur V—might make a return appearance in the next entry, mentioning that ninja often have "superhuman" powers. Hmmm...

Namco Bandai is bringing Soulcalibur V to Comic-Con next week, discussing the 2012 fighting game at one of its fighting game panels. We'll let you know what they have to say.

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Rachel Fogg

I call bullshit, you can put Mitsurugi and Seigfried in the game and they're old as hell but you can't give me an older fucking Taki? Really? You give me Rikku?

This bitch better not be Taki's daughter with that blond ass hair and generally annoyingness around her.