Meet Pokémon Triple-Zero

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Say hello to Victini, a brand-new Pokémon coming in the upcoming Black and White games with a very special number: #000.


Those familiar with Pokémon and Pokédexi will know that the pocket monster list for any Pokémon game generally starts at #001. This would seem to indicate that there's something special about Victini, other than being about as adorable a lil' bunny-chicken thing as you're ever likely to see.

According to the Pokémon Company, in order to score a Victini, Japanese players will have to get a Liberty Ticket item, which will be distributed at Nintendo Zone and DS Stations throughout Japan for one month following the game's September 18 release date.


As for those of us in North America, I'm sure we'll find out about our chance to grab Victini by his cute little ears when the game comes out here next year.

How to Get Pokemon #000 in Black & White [Andriasang]

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When the hell will they stop milking this? Well, until the kids like it, it won't go away I guess, but it's getting more boring, and ridiculous at the same time.

I mean the pokémon from 200 and up are getting more and more retarded, and the games mechanics don't really change that much overall.