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Meet Nintendo's Newest Piece Of Hardware

Illustration for article titled Meet Nintendos Newest Piece Of Hardware

And no, it's not the new DS. We're expecting confirmation of that later in the week. This, though, this is something a little different, a little smaller, a lot less interesting. Spotted by GAF user Shiggy on OAMI (the pan-European trademark registry), this is an official Nintendo...pedometer. If they ever make it, no doubt it'll be for use with Wii Fit - or maybe even Wii Fit 2 - since with no external display, it looks it'd be transmitting the data to the Wii. So, an official, branded, Nintendo pedometer! Exciting times we live in, no? Nintendo Pedometer [OAMI, via NeoGAF]


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This is truly amazing, their fans keep asking for DVD playback, a hard drive, playing VC titles directly off the memory card, things that make sense, and Nintendo's response is somewhere along the lines of "Yeah yeah that's great... Here, have something else you never asked for! Now give us your money."

Penny Arcade really hit the nail with this strip from this year's E3: