Everyone has something that makes them special. For 55 year-old Seiji Matsushita, that is being able to fart on command.

Note: Some readers might find this content objectionable.

Dubbed "The Great Man of the Fart World," Matsushita was recently profile on Japanese program Monday Late Show.


When asked what his profession was, Matsushita replied, "I am a Fart Sound Creator."

As a boy, Matsushita discovered he had the ability to make himself cut the cheese—regardless of what he ate. Instead, he's able to, well, inhale air through his bum and then push it out. According to Matsushita, this is, and I quote, "anus breathing."


Everyday, the young Matsushita began practicing his farts at home, breaking wind at will. He even thought that his toots would help him swim faster by propelling him forward. Sadly, they did not.

Here is a younger Matsushita on a Japanese variety show, demonstrating his trouser trumpet.

And here is his recent appearance on television, breaking wind for around 46 seconds. As impressive as this is, this isn't even a world record.

However, farts have provided him a source of income as an adult. According to Monday Late Show, Matsushita even played fifteen shows in Las Vegas, earning several million dollars (apparently!).

These days, he now sells his farts, which are used in video games, smartphone apps, and even fart music. Ah, the smell of success!

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