Joining Aimi Yoshida as one of three new mutant characters in Silicon Knights' X-Men: Destiny, Grant is a jock hailing from Georgia whose only ambition is to become a football hero. He gets it half-right.


X-Men: Destiny places players in the role of one of three brand-spanking new mutants in a San Francisco torn apart by mutant hate. There's only so much one of the most tolerant cities in the country can tolerate, and once footballers from the dirty south start flaunting their superhuman gifts, a line is drawn. Here's Grant's official bio:

Grant is in San Francisco hoping to land a starting spot for the University of California, Berkeley, Varsity Squad. Oblivious to the world tensions, Grant doesn't see that the peace rally and threatening protesters around him have any connection to his life. When he discovers his own mutant powers, Grant is faced with the realization that mutant/human relations are absolutely his problem.

As to what those powers are, I can't quite tell. He seems to have super-strength, the power to turn his arms into some sort of rock, and it looks like he's bursting with electricity in that one shot. The powers evolve as you play, so I expect Grant has more tricks up his sleeve as well.

We'll get a closer look at X-Men: Destiny next month at E3 2011. Until then, I'm going to keep referring to it as inFamous to the third power.


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