This is Gonzo. He's a Japanese comedian, and his thing is the tambourine. He's a tambourine master.

And as YouTube user Crossbow321123 pointed out, Gonzo is "the Final Boss of the Internet". Excellent description, but let's add this: the Final Boss of the Internet in his final form.

If you aren't familiar with Gonzo, he first hit it big in Japan in 2009 and 2010. That is, big for a guy who dances in tights with a tambourine. He had his fifteen minutes and appeared on a bunch of comedy shows then.

But as Japanese site IT Media reported today, Gonzo and his tambourine dance are now starting to catch on with Westerners. That's right, he's back and now international. All hail Gonzo!

タンバリン芸人のゴンゾーさん、YouTubeを通じて海外の人に気に入られる [IT Media]

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