Meet Chris Redfield's Australian Sidekick

To recap: Capcom set Resident Evil 5 in Africa. Cue scenes of masses of African zombies, cue scenes of masses of internet outrage. To calm things down, Capcom do two things: they introduce Asian and Western zombies into the towns, and they reveal that the game's white star will have a local partner, Sheva Alomar. Who, as we leave racism behind for a spot of misogyny, is a bit of a fox. And no wonder. Because she's based on a real life fox, Australian model/TV actor Michelle Van Der Water. This continues Capcom's recent trend (Lost Planet, Onimusha) of hiring real people to serve as models for game characters, something that's done wonders for other companies as well, particularly Valve with Half-Life 2. Australian actress to star in Resident Evil 5 []


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