Medal Of Honor Should Let Soldiers Lie Down And Shoot, Gamer Argues

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Gamers have needs. They have requests for the games that they play, some of these demands surprisingly specific. Today, let us consider the case by one gamer for the ability to shoot from a prone position and some accompanying news.


A writer and apparent member of the U.S. Coast Guard who writes by the name of BaTs argues that the new Medal Of Honor should allow a prone posture. Why?

Going prone is a tactic that not every player wants or use[s]. But for defensive players like myself find it essential. Imagine being with a squad needing to defend a structure or corner of the street. You can lie prone with your M249 SAW Machine Gun aimed down range to pick off targets as they run at your position. Your shots will be well placed and more accurate then standing or crouching in real life.

I guess what I'm getting at here is that Medal of Honor has the opportunity to become a military simulation better than America's Army, Battlefield Series, Call of Duty series, and Operation Flash Point. It should have all the tools, tactics, and features necessary to play how you would actually fight on the battlefield. If you don't want to go prone, then don't. But don't take it away from gamers that do.

BaTs notes that players could not go prone in Battlefield Bad Company 2, supposedly due to the developers wanting to keep players moving and the game flowing swiftly.

I checked with EA and learned that the single-player mode of Medal of Honor will indeed allow players to make their soldier go prone The multiplayer mode, which is being developed by a different team, the ones who made Bad Company 2, will not.

Read the rest of BaTs case for the full argument about why military shooters should have the prone option. Also read it if you want to know what "dolphin-diving" is, which I didn't know about until today.

This is a specific request, to be sure, but I get it. After all, it's not much different than caring whether the next Bionic Commando has a jump button, right?


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Deadspin in Carbonite

Can you imagine how many more sniper would sit prone regardless of the game objectives if it was enabled in BC2? It would increase the current epidemic. If there is some trade-off that goes along with it (body heat signature is more pronounced for radar/uav or such) I may be open to it. Or if it was an option for certain game types as well.

The same hysteria hit KZ2 with peeking while crouching which was available on the single-player but not in multiplayer.