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Mechs, Jets and Beam Cannons Shine in the Starhawk Beta

I finally got around to playing Starhawk's beta, and while I am terrible at the game I do enjoy it a lot . During the beta you play 8v8 matches of Capture the Flag on two different maps. Constructing different buildings allows you to access everything from Starhawks (a transforming mech/fighter jet suit) to anti-air turrets that help you defend your base.


Starhawk is to be released in 2012 exclusively for to the Playstation Network Playstation 3 . Check out the video above for a glimpse of how the game plays.

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This actually looks like it could be very fun.

Mechs, base building and all that jive are my cup of tea. As someone who enjoys strategy more than doing laps around a cramped dessert city and having my iron sights snap to people's heads this could be right up my ally. I just hope it sticks around longer then Section 8: Prejudice.

Is it just me or is injecting the need to use your brain the death sentence for online multiplayer.