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Meanwhile in World of Warcraft...

How did World of Warcraft's creators counter today's launch of rival MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic? They didn't, unless you count all these "hot fixes" they just activated. One of them: "Algaefin Rockfish no longer swim in schools."


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TOR is seriously bad. Bad, bad bad.

As for WoW, it is consistently good and consistently evolving, but after playing since launch, I just cant help but feel that its all the same thing over and over again. Its their winning formula, but eventually even the best things get old.

But yeah, Blizzard has people by the balls between the addictive formula and insane promotions. All ToR has is light sabers and not even a lot of the extended universe (What? I cant be a Mon Calamari to spam chat? I cant be an Ewok? A Wookiee? A Kel Dorian?)