After all these years, World of Warcraft is still incredibly popular in China, so it's no surprise that there are some super dedicated fans. Like the gentleman who made this.

Posted on the Chinese gaming forum NGA, self-described WoW fan wq241332496 built himself a Goblin gyrocopter. For the unfamiliar, here's what the copter looks like:

The whole process apparently took one month from start to finish. It involved lots of wood.

And paint.

So cool.

wq241332496 didn't divulge too much about himself or this work apart from that it's a graduation project. He says he was born in the 1970s and that he works in design. His gyrocopter sadly doesn't fly but it can hold a tiny goblin doll.

» [手工] 毕业设计 工程飞机 [NGA forums]

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