McFarlane Does The Prince of Persia

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McFarlane Toys and Disney are teaming up to deliver a little shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal to the masses, with a massive toy line planned to coincide with the release of the film.


Looks like LEGO isn't the only toy line getting a piece of the Prince next year, with McFarlane Toys getting ready to roll out an army of PoP figures in May 2010, when the major motion picture hits theaters. Fans will be able to choose between 4 inch shirtless Jakes, 6 inch deluxe shirtless Jakes, deluxe shirtless horse box sets, a movie play set, or a replica plastic Dagger of Time, perfect for rewinding your more heinous mistakes, such as when you use the word shirtless so much it becomes uncomfortable.

Check out the full line up listing below, and prepare to be merchandised at.


(Approximate Retail Price $7.99; Available May 2010)

With more than 12 points of articulation and character specific accessories, kids will have hours of fun recreating and playing out their favorite movie scenes. All figures fit with horse boxed sets and play sets (sold separately). The line includes two figures of Prince Dastan, a Warrior Dastan and a Desert Dastan, Zolm (Lead Hassansin), Ghazab (Double Bladed Halberd Hassansin) and Setam (Human Porcupine Hassansin)



(Approximate retail price $9.99; Available May 2010)

Bringing to life the movie heroes and villains in this line, each figure is fully articulated and includes incredible costuming details and spring-loaded play action highlighting their unique weapons and accessories from the feature film. The 6-inch action figure line includes: two figure of Prince Dastan, a Warrior Dastan and a Desert Dastan, Zolm (Lead Hassansin), Ghazab (Double Bladed Halberd Hassansin)


(Approximate Retail Price $14.99; Available May 2010)

Your imagination leads the way for recreating favorite scenes with the 4-inch Horse Boxed Sets. Engage in battle with the adventurous Prince Dastan and his archenemies, the Hassansins. Each boxed sets includes a highly detailed battle horse with ornate exotic accessories and 4-inch articulated movie figure. Boxed Set line includes two sets: Prince Dastan with Aksh and Zolm (Lead Hassansin) with Akvan



(Approximate Retail Price $19.99; Available May 2010)

Bring home the fantastical world of "Prince of Persia: Sands of Time" with McFarlane Toys highly detailed Alamut Gate Play Set. The set depicts a key action sequence from the feature film and contains unique play action features including a spring loaded rock launcher, secret compartments, hidden traps, slides and working cranks. The Alamut Gate play set includes a 4-inch action figure.



(Approximate Retail Price $9.99; Available May 2010)

The Dagger of Time is a powerful weapon, capable of allowing its owner to harness the power of the Sands of Time, and manipulate time itself. Your mission is to safeguard the ancient dagger capable of releasing the Sands of Time. Designed to appeal to collectors, the 10-inch Dagger of Time is sculpted in the exact size and ornate likeness of the movie weapon and features a jeweled handle that lights-up with a high power L.E.D., disappearing sand and soft vinyl blade.

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With Disney behind The Prince of Persia movie, does anyone have hopes for that this might be the first good video game based movie. Mortal Kombat does not count..