And they're called, ahem, McChurros. So clever!

Yesterday, the fast food chain launched the churros in two flavors: Cinnamon Sugar and Maple. The Cinnamon Sugar McChurros come with packets of, well, cinnamon sugar to sprinkle on the churros, while the Maple ones have syrup for dipping.

Online in Japan, many Twitter users are saying that the McChurros are "delicious." They look different from the churros I'm used to, but hey, these are McChurros.


[Pic: 43ay_jo6]

[Pic: mehiru]


[Pic: ma19ki80]

[Pic: sailiin]


[Pic: Chiinyan00]

Available for a limited time only, the McChurros are priced at 159 yen (US$1.56) each.

McChurros [McDonald's Japan]

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