McDonald's Japan Confirms Pokémon Go Collaboration

In Japan, McDonald’s will be part of the Pokémon Go rollout, the fast food chain announced today.


Via an official release (h/t Excite News), McDonald’s Japan stated that the game’s developer was “diligently preparing” Pokémon Go for a smooth Japan release.

Yesterday, a report on Tech Crunch stated that Pokémon Go would launch today in Japan (it hasn’t so far) and that McDonald’s was teaming up with the popular app (this, we know now, is true). Tech Crunch also reported that over 3,000 McDonald’s restaurants across Japan would serve as gyms for Pokémon Go players. Via Excite News, McDonald’s Japan is quoted as saying, “This was not an announcement our company made.”

Unfortunately for impatient Japanese gamers, McDonald’s didn’t give an exact release date today, but stated that their collaboration was slated to go into effect “soon.”

More details will be announced at a later date.

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I still think its ridiculous that an app that says it wants to promote health and activity under people of all ages teams up with a company that makes shit food that does nothing but turn people into fat turds. Why not start a partnership with another company that actually supports your views?