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McDonald's Introduces Honey Butter French Fries in South Korea

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It was bound to happen. This isn't out of the blue. It makes perfectly good sense. In South Korea, McDonald's is rolling out honey butter french fries.

Last fall, Honey Butter Chips exploded in popularity across the country. As The Korea Times reported, the chips contained "sweet, sweet honey from beehives" and French "gourmet butter."

With rampant sell-outs and stores limiting one-bag-per-customer, the chips drew long queues and were even sold via online auctions. South Korea was swept with sweet, sweet honey fever.


[Photo via GreenBeens@BestWish]

Hoping to cash in on the craze, McDonald's is introducing honey butter french fries in South Korea. They're called "Honey Butter French Fries." Isn't that clever? I really have no idea how they came up with that name.


But goodness, honey butter fries. That sounds so delicious, I can already hear my arteries screaming in pain and delight.

As noted on Financial News (via tipster Sang) these fries are available from February 27 to March 8.


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