Maybe This Thing Will Make PC Gaming On The Couch A Little Easier

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The way we play PC games is changing. Between Steam's Big Picture mode and the trend of living room computers, some people are soon going to run into a problem: how the hell do I play PC games on the couch?

There are options. Depending on what kind of game you're playing, for example, you might only need a controller. Or you might have a laptop table handy you can rest stuff on. If you don't, though, this Kickstarter for something called the Sofa Surfer isn't the worst idea I've ever seen.


It's basically a small table you rest on your lap, that also happens to be powered. So you can bring your fancy keyboard and mouse in from your office/study/bedroom. Or just go buy a fancy keyboard and mouse specifically for the couch, safe in the knowledge you've got somewhere practical to put them.

So long as the build quality is OK (there's a functioning prototype in the video below), there's another bonus to this: most living room solutions for PC gaming require wireless peripherals, which aren't to everyone's liking (not to mention much of the best gear simply isn't available in wireless flavours). Because this uses a cable, you can't complain that your wireless keyboard and/or mouse is to blame for your deaths.

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I think that the upcoming Razer solution will address both your functionality and build quality concerns. This particular device sadly looks like a cobbled mess. Yes, it's a prototype but this is also a Kickstarter. I wouldn't expect it to change too much.

Razer Turret - Living Room Gaming Mouse and Keyboard