Maybe the Secret to Making Your Games Last Longer is Not Playing Them So Damn Much

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Why do we burn through our video games so fast? Because we play them too fast. Commenter Urfe suggests the key to enjoying video games more is pacing your play in today's Speak Up on Kotaku. Let's prolong some magic!


I realized another aspect of recreating the magic of childhood wonderment in video games. Actually, it may be more than that.

I bought Super Mario 3D Land, and in two days I got to world six without much effort (I think the end of world five gave me more trouble than it should have). However, now I've put all video game playing on the shelf until after my Japanese test (N1 for Japanese learners). Now I feel anticipation, and every day I don't play the game, the game lasts longer.


I think in order to enjoy games, I need to play them very slowly. This means playing less games which is great for my wallet. My test is Dec 4th, and then I'll play Mario again and get Mario Kart as a birthday present from my wife.

These two games, if played in moderation, should well last me until Theatrhythm comes out, or perhaps longer.

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Damien Fate

Here's your solution to making games last longer: Have a child.

I only ever get to play once my kid is in bed, and usually only for a couple of hours because being a parent is tiring!