Maybe The Laziest RPG You Could Ever Play

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Dreeps is an RPG where you do almost nothing. And as terrible as that may seem, I actually kinda like the idea.


Designed for iOS, it asks you to simply set an alarm. When you wake up in the morning, a little robot boy in the game will also wake up and start adventuring, all on his own. He'll explore lands, meet new people and fight enemies, all without your input (but he's there, doing it, so you can have it next to you and watch if you like).

You do nothing! No decisions, no button presses, no wandering the wilds, no reloads, nothing.

At night, when you go to sleep, the boy goes to sleep as well. Like a little tamagotchi, I guess, only a lot more interesting to watch.

Made by as trio of Japanese developers, they sum it all up by saying "dreeps is a game for those too busy to play RPGs."

Which is me! You can get Dreeps here.

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This is my current favorite idle game, which bills itself as a "massively multiplayer zero-player game". If you like, you can literally just sign up and walk away. You create an account, name yourself (as a god), then name your hero, and your hero just goes off and does stuff. You can direct him/her via commands if you'd like. You can join guilds, you can go to places, you can duel other heroes, or you can just do nothing and your hero will continue to make progress on its own. It occasionally rewards interaction. When your hero dies, for example, it takes time for it to respawn, but you can respawn it instantly with a command. Your hero will also occasionally frustrate you by doing things like leaving your favorite guild to join a new one, or pissing away all of its gold in a pub (ostensibly, the goal here is for the hero to accumulate enough gold to make 1000 gold bricks and build a temple of gold in your honor), then selling its gear to get more gold to drink away. It's a unique game, in that you can win without interacting, but interacting helps.