Manga artist Yoshihiro Togashi is known for two things: Creating Hunter X Hunter and taking lots of time off.

Togashi is infamously known as the “King of Hiatus” among manga fans. As Kotaku previously reported, many demanding manga fans want Togashi to churn out more Hunter X Hunter asap—whether or not they fully understand why he takes time off.


There might be personal reasons or health reasons (he did have back surgery in 2014) or maybe Togashi just wants to enjoy his life, because at this point, he doesn’t really need to work. Who knows, maybe he has writer’s block. The issue for fans, though, is that the manga’s current arc hasn’t finished, leaving readers hanging.

Website Hiatus-Hiatus has been tracking all the Hunter X Hunter publication breaks. There are graphs and charts and whatnot, and all the data is a rather fascinating look at when new Hunter X Hunter has been published and when it hasn’t.

Here, have a look for yourself.

[Image: Hiatus-Hiatus]

[Image: Hiatus-Hiatus]

[Image: Hiatus-Hiatus]

[Image: Hiatus-Hiatus]

You can see more on Hiatus-Hiatus.

Top image: Hulu

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