Max Payne Hits Blu-Ray in January

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An unrated version of Mark Wahlberg mediocrity Max Payne is set for a January release on Blu-ray. The disc, which hits Jan. 20, will include a picture-in-picture track, BD-Live connectivity, 1080p support and DTS-HD 5.1 surround. The suggested price will be $40. With the price of coal sky rocketing, this could make for a great stocking stuffer for those naughtys on your list. 'Max Payne' Coming to Blu-ray


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I want Bluray so bad... I just can't afford to pay the early adopter tax this time around (already got burned on the 360's HD-DVD player, which in hindsight, I never needed in the first place). I understand Amazon and other usual haunts for home video online sell well below the MSRP, but $40 for a turd is still pretty crazy.

The Dark Knight would be so sweet in HD, but I have the sinking feeling I'm going to settle for the DVD on my trusty Oppo upconverter. Here's hoping I get a shot at those $200 PS3's on Amazon!