Max Payne 3's Vancouver Developers Closed, Then Moved

Illustration for article titled emMax Payne 3/ems Vancouver Developers Closed, Then Moved

Rockstar Vancouver, one of the main developers behind Max Payne 3, have been shut down. Not to worry (much): the staff are being offered jobs at Rockstar's other Canadian studio in Toronto, which is expanding thanks to the help of regional government support. Full press release here. [Note: This story originally pegged the Vancouver team as the lead studio on Max Payne 3, but the 35-person team was actually one of many Rockstar groups who did significant work on the game, the company tells Kotaku.]

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Hopefully there will be no Max Payne 4, or at least if there is...please let it be less painfully scripted, and lower the time on cutscenes.

I'm glad the people are getting new jobs though, because while I didn't like the game, the actual art, sound, and stability/optomization of the game engine were solid.